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2022 Storytelling Excellence Award

Mark Reid, host of the Zen Sammich podcast, is the recipient of the 2022 Radiance Award for Storytelling Excellence!

Awarded by 360° NATION – an online global media digest – more information about the awards can be found here: 2022 Radiance Awards Press Release 

Zen Sammich with Mark Reid, J.D.

Zen Sammich is a podcast for the independent thinker and anyone who embraces life despite its absurdities. 

Former professor and attorney turned Japanese paper maker, Mark Reid, inspires mindfulness, humor, and a down-to-earth 21st century “Zen” lifestyle.  

Join him as he talks with creative, inspiring, and influential people. Or, as he shares his own research, observing the socially constructed mess of reality, sharing travel stories, and exploring what is means to be alive in the modern world.

Zen Sammich podcast

Recent Episodes

Wander The Goalless Path | Ep. #121

Zen Slider Wander the Goalless Path

“You are already where you need to be.”


The absence of goals does not signify an absence of purpose. Rather, “wandering” invites us to immerse ourselves in the present, guided only by principles and passions.

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The Journey Inward | Ep. #120

Jen Carew Zen Sammich

Ever ask yourself, “Is this all there is to life?”

If so, Jen Carew can point you in the right direction of how to discover your path. And it is YOUR own path, because it is unique for each of us.

Learning to discern between the voice of your ego and the voice of your inner truth on this episode.


Find out more at jencarew.com

And at https://www.youtube.com/@InhabitingJoy

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Reframe Reality By Chucking Expectations | Ep. #119

Mark Reid Zen Sammich

Reality does not care about your expectations. In fact, the world and the people in it will let you down if you hold onto expectations of how they or life should be.

When you become an observer instead of constantly judging the world, you suddenly discover a lot more beauty around you.

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It's What I Say About Me That Matters | Ep. #118

Dr Pierre McDonnaugh on Zen Sammich podcast

“Winning is subjective.” – Dr. Pierre McDonnaugh

That statement might seem confusing at first. You either win or you don’t, right?

The truth is, we are constantly winning and failing simultaneously. Real success is found in the narrative that we tell ourselves about our efforts. Did we try? Did we work hard? Were we honest in what we did? Did our efforts feed our spirit?

Dr. Pierre McDonnaugh is the author of “Beauty for Ashes: The Virtuous Side of Failure” and shares the above insights and so much more.

You can purchase his book at https://fultonbooks.com/books/?book=beauty-for-ashes and on Amazon.

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Practice Your Inner "Hell Yeah!" | Ep. #117

Zen Sammich Slider Hell Yeah

What would the world look like if we complained less and found a way to simply say “Hell Yeah!” more often?

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Anyone Can Rise From The Ashes | Ep. #116

Ipek Williamson Zen Sammich

Coach, meditation teacher, speaker and author, Ipek Williamson shares her personal story, as well as offers suggestions on how we all can utilize hope to overcome obstacles and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

We also discuss techniques for living in a meditative state.

Catch up with all she has going on or buy her books here: https://linktr.ee/IpekWilliamson

Her latest contribution is to an anthology entitled, “Mission: Hope,” and can be found by clicking here.

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Learn To Trust Yourself | Ep. #115

Zen slider

Trusting yourself is key to living a fulfilling and meaningful life. Zen Sammich discusses 3 key components of trusting yourself.

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It All Starts With Listening | Ep. #114

Otto Gatternigg Zen Sammich

From Austria to Cambodia and banking to Buddhism, Otto Gatternigg discusses burnout, making life-altering pivots in your 40s, and finding inner peace.

We also discuss the importance of mental health maintenance, and finding someone you can talk with and confide in.

Visit his website at https://mentalhappiness-innerhealth.com/

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Which Animal Is The Most Zen? | Ep. #113

What animal is the most Zen

Echart Tolle once said, “I have lived with several Zen masters – all of them cats.”

But what about dogs? They seem to live constantly in the present moment. Forgiving in an instant. Kind. A wonderful companion.

Zen Sammich considers the entire animal kingdom in this short episode and comes up with the answer!

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What Would You Ask A Buddhist Monk? | Ep. #112

Shojun Ogi Zen Sammich

I asked a Buddhist monk all the questions you’ve wanted to ask: Do Buddhists pray to Buddha as an actual God? Does a Buddhist monk ever get nervous, angry, or have a bad day? What happens after we die? Is there a heaven and hell?

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Less Noise, More Meaning | Ep. #111

Less Noise More Meaning Zen Slider Sammich

We live in a world that is constantly vying for your attention. Practice turning down that noise and putting your focus on what has meaning and value in your life instead.

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Humanity Is Going To Look Very Different | Ep. #110

Cory Lopes-Warfield Zen Sammich

“Humanity is going to look very different in the coming months and year than it ever has before.” – Cory Lopes Warfield

So, what the heck is ChatGPT anyway? What’s a metaverse?

AI expert, Cory Lopes Warfield joins Zen Sammich to break it down for all of us confused folks trying to figure out just what all this new technology is and what it will mean for us in the future. Is it doom and gloom or something to be optimistic and excited about?

Follow Cory on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/corywarfield/

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Which Inner Wolf Do You Feed? | Ep. #109

DJ Flores Zen Sammich

DJ Flores shares the story of the two wolves we each have inside us. Which one wins? The one you feed. We also discuss whenever you face obstacles in life, how to take ownership and just do the next thing.


Follow DJ on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/djflores08/

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Diagnosed in Adulthood | Ep. #108

Jennifer Sapp Caroline Exum Mallu Moilenen Kristin Taylor

Four stories, four diagnoses: Epilepsy, ADHD, Autism, and Dyslexia. 

Imagine going through life not realizing why you seem to perceive the world differently than others, perhaps invoking some self-doubt and anxiety about it along the way. Only to later in life finally get an explanation as to why. Would that be a traumatic diagnosis or one of relief by way of the explanations it offered?

There is a message here for everyone, regardless of any “disorder” or neurological condition you may or may not have.

Kristin Taylor, Jennifer Sapp, Caroline Exum, and Mallu Moilenen all have a lesson to offer in this episode.

You can visit Mallu’s website at https://www.malluxo.com/

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Invest In Your Mindset | Ep. #107

Byron Mariah Edgington

Keynote speakers and authors, Mariah and Byron Edgington, discuss their new book “Mindset Matters” and discuss how we invest our time rather than spend it.


Visit their website at https://www.mandatetoelevate.com/

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"Breast Cancer Saved My Life" | Ep. #106

Char Murphy Zen Sammich Mission Hope

Even when you aren’t prepared for shocking moments in life, you CAN get through them somehow, someway. Be inspired by the resilience, determination, and ultimately hope of award-winning author and attorney Char Murphy as she recounts some of the transformations she went through as a 4x breast cancer survivor.

Her site can be found here; https://believeinspire.us/

For more information about the upcoming book, follow the hashtag #missionhope on LInkedin:



Listen to Fred’s Front Porch (mentioned at the beginning of this episode) on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music and here.

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Be Curious, Not Judgmental | Ep. #105

Beach Travel Wine Zen Sammich

An insightful quote, often (mis)attributed to Walt Whitman, “be curious, not judgmental” aptly characterizes the approach Lyle and Leanne McCabe have about travel and life.

They are the hosts of the Beach Travel Wine podcast. We discuss the joys of travel, and more significantly, the reasons for doing it all: To expand your view, to go through life with curiosity, and to have fun in the process.


Find out more about their adventures at beachtravelwine.com.

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Live in Constant, Total Amazement | Ep. #104

Iain Maclean Zen Sammich

Iain Maclean is the author of “TJ’s War” – a creative non-fiction account of his father’s time during WWII that is reminiscent of an Ernest Hemingway novel.

We discuss the core elements of success in life, such as surrounding yourself with good people; the importance of realizing that a lot of people in charge are mostly pretending they know what they’re talking about; and ultimately, the best life is one lived in a state of constant and total amazement.


Find out more about the book and read Iain’s blog at https://www.tjswar.com/ 

Purchase a copy of “TJ’s War” here.


Go here help Andy Rickles (mentioned at the beginning of this episode) raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Do Something About It | Ep. #103

Academy of Rock Peter Cook

Peter Cook is a blend of scientist, business consultant, political pundit, author, and musician.

We discuss everything from the Academy of Rock to the woes of Brexit. Along the way, there is some good advice on being adaptable and how to do something about the things that might exasperate you as a form of “active meditation” and catharsis.

You can find Peter’s books on Brexit – such as “Reboot Britain” and “Private Eyelines” – as well as a wealth of other commentary at brexitrage.com (copy and paste URL).

You can also order these books through Etsy.

Find out more about The Academy of Rock and Human Dynamics consulting at humdyn.co.uk (copy and paste URL).

His numerous other books on business innovation, leadership, and the fusion between music and business can be found on Amazon.

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Discipline And A Bloody Good Reason Why | Ep. #102

Gav Gillibrand Zen Sammich

Forget motivation. Motivation gets you started, but discipline gets you finished. You also need to have “a bloody good reason why” you want to do something.

Gav Gillibrand – coach, author, and sports nutritionist – discusses why people fail, why self-discipline is more important than motivation, and why moderation, not elimination, are the keys to success in fitness. Moreover, these tactics are useful for ANYTHING you want to accomplish in life.

Check out Gav’s website here.

Follow him on LinkedIn here.

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Between Loneliness & Connection
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Larry Chao leadership

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Jack Everly Freedom and Happiness Zen Sammich

Freedom & Happiness Begin Inside
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Fear As Fuel

Using Fear As Fuel

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Get Over It

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Dealing with fear

Dealing With Our Fears: 6 Stories
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Its All About Character

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Screws Fall Out All The Time

Screws Fall Out All The Time
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Episode cover That Blind Woman

That Blind Woman From New Zealand
Ep. #85

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