2022 Storytelling Excellence Award

Mark Reid, host of the Zen Sammich podcast, is the recipient of the 2022 Radiance Award for Storytelling Excellence!

Awarded by 360° NATION – an online global media digest – more information about the awards can be found here: 2022 Radiance Awards Press Release 

Zen Sammich with Mark Reid, J.D.

Zen Sammich is a podcast for the independent thinker and anyone who embraces life despite its absurdities. Former professor and lawyer turned Japanese paper maker, Mark Reid, inspires mindfulness, humor, and a realistic 21st century “Zen lifestyle.” Join him as he talks with creative, inspiring, and influential people. Or, as he shares his own personal research, observing the socially constructed mess of reality, sharing travel stories, and exploring what it means to be alive in the modern world. The goal is to make your world a little better today than it was yesterday.

Recent Episodes

Discipline And A Bloody Good Reason Why | Ep. #102

Gav Gillibrand Zen Sammich

Forget motivation. Motivation gets you started, but discipline gets you finished. You also need to have “a bloody good reason why” you want to do something.

Gav Gillibrand – coach, author, and sports nutritionist – discusses why people fail, why self-discipline is more important than motivation, and why moderation, not elimination, are the keys to success in fitness. Moreover, these tactics are useful for ANYTHING you want to accomplish in life.

Check out Gav’s website here.

Follow him on LinkedIn here.

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Moments That Rock | Ep. #101

Tony Michaelides Zen Sammich

Tony Michaelides, author and TEDx speaker, was David Bowie’s publicist in the late 90s. Before that, he is credited with helping put U2 on the rock and roll map. He has also worked with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Sting, and Bob Marley. He is an icon of the music industry and shares not only stories of “Moments That Rock” – the title of his latest book – but life lessons for all of us to heed.


Read more about him on his wikipedia page here.

Visit his website here: https://tonymichaelides.com/

And purchase “Moments That Rock” here.

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Zen Sammich Turns 100! What I've Learned | Ep. #100

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Casey Ruff and Ben Currier make cameo appearances to help me sort out what all I’ve learned after 2 years and 100 episodes of Zen Sammich.

The lessons aren’t simply about podcasting. They are about life itself and applicable to everyone.


Click here for a link to the Radiance Award press release mentioned in this episode.

You Can Trust Yourself | Ep. #99

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Dino Carella is a coach, a consultant, a public speaker, and author of the book The Way of the Wind. We discuss topics such as “we are awareness;” the beautiful part of life is its uncertainty; and ultimately, that you can trust yourself to know what is right and to just be.


Find out more at https://www.dinocarella.com/en/

You can follow Dino Carella on LinkedIn

Purchase “The Way of the Wind”

Between Loneliness And Connection | Ep. #98

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What do a stay at home mom; a professor and author; a former Playboy Playmate of the Month; and a renowned mental health advocate and TEDx speaker have in common?

They have all experienced and gotten to the other side of loneliness.

Hear their stories and insight – not on how we “beat” loneliness – but how we get through it, utilize it to make us better, stronger, and more compassionate people.

You can find out more about or purchase Ken Leong’s book, “The Zen Teaching of Jesus”

You can find out more about or purchase Deborah Driggs’s book, “Son of a Basque”

Are You A Good Leader? | Ep. #97

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Larry Chao is the founder and Managing Director of Chao Group Ltd., an international organization and executive consultancy. He discusses competency, open-mindedness, empathy, and other “universal truths” for high quality leadership.

Most importantly, how might we each apply these principles to our day-to-day lives?


Follow Larry on Linkedin and find out more about his consultancy company at https://chaogroup.com/

Freedom and Happiness Begin Inside | Ep. #96

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Author, humorist, and world traveler, Jack Everley, joins Zen Sammich to discuss how to find the positive – life, love, caring, and nurturing – in a world that has a lot of gloom and doom in it. The answer is found in nature.

Without being dogmatic about any particular religious tradition or “rule book,” he also suggests there is a need for guidance and guidelines in our existence. Where you find your path is up to you, but we discuss some clues as to how you might seek “freedom and happiness” within.

Read more of Jack’s writings at http://jackeverly.com/

And look for his book, “Volcano’s Testament,” due out soon. You can follow “Jack Everly” on LinkedIn.

Fear As Fuel

Using Fear As Fuel

Ep. #95

Get Over It

How To Get Over And Through It
Ep. #94

Dealing with fear

Dealing With Our Fears

Ep. #93

Its All About Character

It's All About Character

Ep. #92

Screws Fall Out All The Time

Screws Fall Out All The Time
Ep. #91

Episode cover That Blind Woman

That Blind Woman From New Zealand
Ep. #85

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