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2022 Storytelling Excellence Award

Mark Reid, host of the Zen Sammich podcast, is the recipient of the 2022 Radiance Award for Storytelling Excellence!

Awarded by 360° NATION – an online global media digest – more information about the awards can be found here: 2022 Radiance Awards Press Release 

Zen Sammich with Mark Reid, J.D.

Zen Sammich is a podcast for the independent thinker and anyone who embraces life despite its absurdities. 

Former professor and attorney turned Japanese paper maker, Mark Reid, inspires mindfulness, humor, and a down-to-earth 21st century “Zen” lifestyle.  

Join him as he talks with creative, inspiring, and influential people. Or, as he shares his own research, observing the socially constructed mess of reality, sharing travel stories, and exploring what it means to be alive in the modern world.

Zen Sammich podcast

Recent and Highlighted Episodes

You Live What You Believe You Are | Ep. #183

Are you someone who always finds a way, or someone who can never seem to catch a break?

Do you see yourself as a winner or a loser?

Whatever you believe about yourself is more than likely to be the result.

“You Live What You Believe You Are” explores the concept that whatever your identity is, that’s what controls your life.

You can use this to your advantage. Change what you believe about yourself and you will change your reality.

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How To Find Happiness By Letting Go | Ep. #182

How To Find Happiness By Letting Go Zen Sammich

Some rewards happen in a linear way – if you save up to buy a new car, eventually you will get there – but things that exist only in your mind (e.g., confidence, satisfaction and happiness) are paradoxical.


The harder you try, the further away you become from your goal.

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Embrace The Flinch | Ep. #181

Embrace the Flinch Zen Sammich

What makes you flinch?

A cold shower? The idea of starting your own business? Talking to someone you are attracted to? Walking away from a relationship?

In this transformational episode, I challenge us all to embrace what scares us, knowing in our hearts that it is something we should do.


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Being On The Universe's Time | Ep. #180

Andee Scarantino Zen Sammich

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“Let go of the way you would like things to go.”

– Andee Scarantino


As your experience is happening, just be in it. That sounds easy enough, but why is it so difficult to do?


Andee Scarantino returns to Zen Sammich and, of course, she doesn’t hold anything back. 


Her transparency is not only refreshing, it actually demonstrates the point she is making: To be WHEN you are more than who you think you are supposed to be. 


Check out Andee’s amazing writing at



Or her coaching and classes at

getthefuckoff.com, where you can “Change Your Life. Keep Your Personality.”


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How To Figure Out Who You Really Are | Ep. #179

Finding your “purpose” in life is a concept that is far too often misunderstood.


You don’t find it out there in the cosmos somewhere. You create it. Here’s how you go about compiling your diversified purpose portfolio in life.


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You Are Stopping Yourself | Ep. #178

Mimi Bland Zen Sammich podcast

“Most people do not know what they want in their life. They’re just drifting from day-to-day.” – Mimi Bland

How do we stop drifting? Well, the questions you ask yourself are of critical importance.

Best selling author of “The Answer is You,” Mimi Bland, discusses why we don’t allow the things we truly want to happen and how to start “being the scientist of your own life.”

Find out more or pick up a copy of “The Answer is You” at mimibland.london.


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The Most Important Mental Exercise | Ep. #177

most important mental exercise zen sammich

Exercise is usually not much fun. Even when it IS enjoyable, it remains a challenge.

The mental exercise contained within is something that EVERYONE should engage in. 

And just as form is significant during physical exercise, the WAY you do this one is critically important.


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Just Don't Bore Me | Ep. #176

Earl Bridges The Good Road Zen Sammich

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“Have some fun, do some good, and just don’t bore me.”


Earl Bridges embodies that mantra for life and then some.


He is a “philanthropologist,” meaning that in his PBS TV show, “The Good Road,” he travels the world unearthing stories about people who are doing good without any concern for their well-being.


From stories about filming in places of civil unrest to almost getting ‘smushed’ by the world’s largest elephant in Kenya, this is a don’t-miss episode.


Follow his adventures on The Good Road here: https://www.youtube.com/@thegoodroadtv


Visit Earl’s other affiliated websites here: 




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What Are You Willing To Struggle For? | Ep. #175

What Are You Willing To Struggle For Zen Sammich

We hear the philosophy “embrace your mistakes” or “failure is the path to success” all the time.


Maybe. But, it still sucks to fail. 


Failure is painful no matter how much cheerleading we give ourselves or receive from the sidelines.


The real question is: For what cause or benefit are you willing to endure a few defeats?


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Keep Learning How To Live | Ep. #174

Bill Jordan Embrace the Boom

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Bill Jordan embodies the essence of an everyday man or woman’s philosopher.


A radio personality for over 4 decades and a voiceover artist, with over 25,400+ days of survival (about 70-ish years or thereabouts), he is still learning, growing, and breaking personal records.


Coach Mike Krzyzewski – coach of the US National Basketball Team and winner of 5 national titles with the Duke Blue Devils – knows a little something about winning in life and wrote the introduction to Bill’s book “Embrace The Boom”.


We talk about how to create and maintain habits in life, a few celebrity stories, and the beauty of getting older.


Follow Bill on social media..,

FB: https://tinyurl.com/3v79sknx

IG: @bjordan729

Pick up a copy of “Embrace The Boom” on Amazon here: https://tinyurl.com/mvxc45dc


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Crafting Connections: Instight On Finding Your Story | #173

How can you make a connection to others with a story that’s unique to you?


Diane Wyzga helps women find the words they didn’t know they had. She has quite a fascinating story of her own to tell as well.


Truly a delightful conversation from start to finish!


Visit her website at https://www.quartermoonstoryarts.net/

Listen to her podcast – “Stories from Women Who Walk” – on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or anywhere else you get podcasts.


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Why Do Adults Stop Drawing & How To Start Again | Ep. #172

Why draw how to start drawing zen sammich

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Why do most of us stop drawing after childhood?


Are we missing out on something by not tapping into that creative energy and curiosity?


You dang right we are. In this short episode, I explore why we ever stopped drawing in the first place, the benefits of drawing, and, most importantly, how to get started doing it again.


There is, of course, a bigger picture here than just drawing. The lesson here applies to your whole life as well.


What sparks your joy?

Submit a short video to Joyfest 360 by March 31, 2024 sharing your answer. More info in the episode and at: https://www.bizcatalyst360.com/joyfest-360/


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What Would You Say To Your H.S. Teacher 30 Years Later? | #171

Anne Armstorng Feller Zen Sammich Mark Reid E.B. Erwin High School

2024 marks 30 years since I graduated high school. Wow!


I reunited with my all-time favorite teacher from that bygone era.


We discussed how people change, regrets, and the virtue of forgiveness.


What would you ask your high school teacher (the ones you liked) if given the chance?


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How To Catch A Horse That Doesn't Want To Be Caught | #170

How To Catch A Horse That Doesn't Want To Be Caught Zen Sammich

What are you chasing that doesn’t want to be caught?

What dreams do you have that continue to be elusive?

Tap into your inner Zen cowboy or cowgirl and you just might be able to catch it.

Visit the sponsor of this episode: https://www.mandatetoelevate.com/

Check out ZS’s sister podcast: http://tinyurl.com/2p86ty2n

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Things I Learned About Life Doing a TEDx Talk | Ep. #169

Things I Learned Doing a TEDx Talk Zen Sammich

Ever wanted to do a TEDx Talk?


It was a “bucket list” item for me, and I recently succeeded in scratching it off the list.


But, I took away a few life lessons beyond the “ideas worth spreading” that I heard there.


I share the why-I-did-it, how-I-did-it, and a few lessons learned from the experience in this episode.


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Die On The Road | Ep. #168

Die on the road Zen Sammich

Detachment is not about abandoning your dreams; it’s about releasing your stranglehold on how those dreams should unfold.

It is better to go after the unreachable and “die on the road” than to never embark.

It’s about confronting the fear of the unknown head-on and saying, “You know what? I’m still going.”

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5 Paradoxes That Can Change Your Life | Ep. #167

5 Paradoxes Change Life Zen Sammich

Ever noticed that the more choices you have, the harder it is to make a decision?


Or, how about the more you focus on perfection, the more imperfections you see?


In this episode, I explore 5 paradoxes that, once fully understood, may make your life a little smoother.

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You Are More Adaptable Than You Think | Ep. #166

Janine Mitchell Zen Sammich You are more adaptable than you think

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Ever thought of starting life over? Packing up and moving to the other side of the planet?


Here’s something a lot of folks don’t realize: You are more adaptable than you think.


Take it from Janine Mitchell. She is a consultant to top executives, creator of The Executive Code™, and someone who “walks the walk, not just talks the talk.” 


Hear how she uprooted her life and business in Manchester, England and relocated to Vietnam.


Find out more at: https://changeforsuccess.co.uk/

Follow her on Linkedin at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janine-mitchell-change-for-success


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We Ubuntu'd The Sh*t Out Of This Episode! | Ep. #165

Ubuntu Zen Sammich Going Commando

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If you haven’t met Angela DiMarco and Dana Sardano yet, well, let’s fix that. Your life is about to get a whole lot better.


They are the cohosts of the podcast Going Commando, as well as being authors, artists, and book publishers. There might even be a mafia connection there, who knows?!


We discuss everything from manifestation and woo woo to cosmic alignment and Ubuntu. Not too academic and not just a bunch of comics backstage at the Improv… but, eh… a bit of both.


Already a Zen Sammich classic, but be forewarned, a little bit of salty language in this one.


Check out their Going Commando podcast at https://www.youtube.com/@goingcommandowithangelaanddana

For books that Dana and Angela have written and published: https://phenom-publishing.com/

For some AMAZING artwork and everything else Dana and Angela do: https://www.ubuntufishgallery.com/


Visit the sponsor of this episode: https://www.mandatetoelevate.com/

3 Rules To Improve Your Life | Ep. #164

3 Rules for life zen sammich

If you were asked, “What are your three rules for life?” – What would you come up with?


I came up with my 3. Feel free to disagree or revise and improve upon them.


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It's 2024, Have You Got It All Figured Out Yet? | Ep. #163

Have you got it all figured out Zen Sammich

At what age in life do you finally figure it all out?



Everything is in the right place: You understand the world and your place in it, dreams accomplished, marriage and 401K intact, villains vanquished… ahhh, you can now rest and enjoy the time remaining.



Yeah, that. How old are you when that happens?


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I Quit News For A Month, Here's What Happened | Ep. #162

Quit the news zen sammich

Do you read the news everyday?


If so, how does reading or watching the day-to-day news affect your mood?


Also, why do it exactly? To stay informed? I’m all for education and staying smart, but I’m also all for good mental health and less stress about things beyond my control.


So, I did an experiment and I quit the news for 30 days. Here’s what happened…


This episode is sponsored by: https://www.mandatetoelevate.com/

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How To Talk To (Almost) Anyone | Ep. #161

How to talk to anyone zen sammich

Are you good at talking to people?


Most of us do ok, but are there any situations that make you feel awkward? Like, talking to children or very opinionated people?


Here are some tips, techniques and mindsets from some of the best: A stand-up comedian, a multi-topic podcast producer and co-host, a youth empowering “Queen of Goofiness,” and a moderator of public forums on frequently sensitive topics.


A star-studded, idea-packed episode to help us all become better at communicating, listening, and talking to (almost) anyone.


This episode is sponsored by: https://www.mandatetoelevate.com/

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The 5 Best Traits To Cultivate In Life | Ep. #160

5 best traits zen sammich

What are the 5 best traits to cultivate if you would like to become a better, more successful human being?


Yep, I’ve narrowed it down to just 5. 


What do you think you need to work on to become a better YOU?

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How To Become Great At Anything | Ep. #159

How to become great at anything Zen Sammich

Becoming great at anything is not reserved for the select few. It is available to ALL of us.


Self-improvement in any area is not a stroll in the park. It takes dedication and effort. 


But in this 12 minute episode, I breakdown 3 essential steps to achieving legendary status at anything. I even throw in a little Zen toward the end to sweeten the deal.

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Where Do You Go From Here? | Ep. #158

Chris Maliszewski Walking Tall Zen Sammich

What tools do you use to cope with your fears? 


Could you take a tragedy and turn it into something positive?


How might a traumatic event affect the relationships in your life?


Chris Maliszewski, a mass shooting survivor and co-founder of the Walking Tall Movement, discusses these questions and a variety of ways in which we can navigate, learn and grow from trauma.


It’s not all serious. We talk about Pearl Jam and The Flamings Lips too.


Check out his organization’s website at walkingtallmovement.com

Follow Chris at https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-maliszewski-20190061/

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Who Are You Today? | Ep. #157

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Are you the same person you were 10 years ago? Probably not. 

How about 10 hours ago? 10 minutes?!

And what story do you believe in? Is it the same story you were fed as a child or did the story and you evolve into something else?


Big discussion with awesome people. 

Transformational coaches and podcasters, Andee Scarantino and Zen Benefiel, join the conversation about discovering insight, whether through a mystical experience or by being left alone at an airport.


Truth can be found in a variety of places and from a variety of sources. Where did you find YOUR truth?


Find out more about Andee Scarantino at




You can find Zen Benefiel at




You Have 2 Minds (& Can Only Control 1 Of Them) | Ep. #156

Two Minds Zen Sammich

Ever try to quiet your mind, and it keeps going in every random direction except still?


Ever try to think of nothing to no avail? Of course, you human being, you!


But who is observing your thinking mind while it is running amuck?


Oh, yeah, that’s you too.


Gaining some understanding of your “two minds” is key to cultivating and improving your mental self-discipline.

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When Is It OK To Feel Numb? | Ep. # 155

Zen Sammich numb

Ever feel guilty for NOT feeling something when you think you should?

So, when is it ok to just “not feel?”

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Redneck Zen & Financial Wisdom | Ep. #154

Mike Ashabraner Zen Sammich

“You can spray Lysol on a dog turd and it’s still a dog turd.”

– Mike Ashabraner


Believe it or not, there is a lot of Zen in redneck wisdom.


Financial coach, Mike Ashabraner, and I discuss Redneck Zen, the importance of good mentors, and what we have each learned from ours. 


Find out more about Mike at redneckfinancialcoach.com

Follow at https://www.linkedin.com/in/redneck1/

Check out the Hounds of Business Community at https://www.linkedin.com/company/hounds-of-business-happy-hour/

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The 5 Types of People You Should Avoid | Ep. #153

The five types of people to avoid zen sammich

How do you know who you can trust and who is unhealthy for you?


Short and sweet in this 10 minute episode – the five types of people you should avoid or distance yourself from in life.


This episode is sponsored by: https://www.mandatetoelevate.com/

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Meet My Better Half | Ep. #152

Haruka Funase Zen Sammich

What are the highs and lows of a cross-cultural, multi-lingual marriage?


I gave my wife a glass of wine and pressed record for a special in-house family edition of Zen Sammich!


This episode is sponsored by: https://www.mandatetoelevate.com/

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Have Fewer Opinions | Ep. #151

Have Fewer Opinions Zen Sammich

Does intentionally having fewer opinions make you smarter?


It just might.


Check out our sponsor: https://www.mandatetoelevate.com/

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What's Your Heart's Mission? | Ep. #150

Raquel Raqi Flores Zen Sammich

What would you say if someone asked you, “What’s your heart’s mission?”


Raquel “Raqi” Flores is clear about hers. 


She shares her inspiring story that isn’t over by a long shot, as well as the value of honesty and remaining humble in the process of overcoming life’s obstacles.


Check out Raquel Flores Connection Corner LIVE every Saturday at 11am EST on LinkedIn and YouTube.


Join her nearly 50K followers at https://www.linkedin.com/in/raquel-raqi-flores/

If you’re not on Linkedin, check out her show live on Saturdays here:


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Become A Reasonable Minimalist | Ep. #149

Minimalism Zen Sammich

Do you have too much “stuff” in your life or just the right amount?

When asking this, the question really becomes: What truly matters to you?

Minimalism isn’t about giving up the stuff you enjoy in your life. It’s actually about making more room for the things you truly enjoy.

“It’s about finding the right balance between having what you need and truly enjoying what you have.”

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Discover The Superhuman In You | Ep. #148

When faced with life’s difficulties, have you ever asked, “Why me? What did I do to deserve this?”



Surely, most of us have at some point.



Coach and best-selling author of “The Power Within” and “Mind 2.0,” Anurag Rai, tells the fascinating story of a series of unfortunate circumstances that eventually led him to ask that same question.



But, it was also at this point that he found the superhuman inside. He changed the question and asked, “Why NOT me?”



Learn more at https://www.superhumaninyou.com/

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What Does 'Kill The Buddha' Mean? | Ep. #147

Kill the Buddha Zen Sammich

An enigmatic saying rooted in traditional Zen goes this way: “If you see the Buddha on the road, kill him.” 


This saying essentially means, “Don’t get too attached to the idea of having all the right answers.”


A little bit different, somewhat more “academic” look at Zen in this episode. Yet, amongst the jargon and history lesson, there is a down-to-earth practical message to take away as well.


Check out our sponsor: https://www.mandatetoelevate.com/

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For The Love of Writing & Living Interestingly | Ep. #146

Joseph Carrabis Zen Sammich

How do you reconcile living simplistically with living life to the fullest? 

Do those two concepts need reconciling at all?

I ask prolific author and, arguably, the doppelgänger for Dos Equis’s “Most Interesting Man in the World,” Joseph Carrabis, that question among many others.

We discuss Zen and the art of writing, cooking and living a full life of simplicity.

You can find out more about Joseph and purchase one of his many books, including his latest entitled, “The Shaman,” here: https://josephcarrabis.com/

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What Should You Do With Your Life? | Ep. #145

What should I do with my life Zen Sammich

If you were to look in the mirror each morning and ask, “Do I feel good about what I’m doing today?” would your answer be “yes” more often than “no”?

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Emotions Aren't The Enemy | Ep. #144

Daniel Gasser Zen Sammich

Do you have control over your emotions?

Do you suppress them out of a desire to be “strong” or (for guys) “manly”? Or, on the other hand, do they overwhelm you?

When you master your emotions and guide them in a good direction, they become an asset rather than a liability.

Daniel Gasser discusses how we can utilize our emotions in a positive way. He is a coach for men, helping them to become better men who are both, in touch with and in control of, their emotions.

Follow Daniel at https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielgasser-empowers-men/

Find out more about what he does at https://danielg.online/

Also, you can get help with an alcohol problem through one of his programs here: https://quitthebottle.com/

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Stop Doing Sh*t You Hate | Ep. #143

From the daily grind to pursuing dreams and goals of things you don’t actually enjoy doing, it’s time to let go of chasing identities.

Instead, embrace the things in life you truly enjoy doing.

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More To It Than You Think | Ep. #142

Syya Yasotornrat Zen Sammich

Ever thought about starting a podcast?


Syya Yasotornrat, founder of Brilliant Beam Media, joins Zen Sammich to discuss the joys and woes of podcasting (spoiler alert: there are more highs than lows). 


She even shares a worthwhile Zen tip about humility.



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The Joy of Living Slowly | Ep. 141#

Living Slowly Zen Sammich

Why isn’t the pace of life slowing down?


We have smartphones, automation, AI, and cars that drive themselves. That should mean we have to work less, right?


Then, why aren’t we?


Two roads diverged. One leads to burnout and the other to peace of mind. It’s ultimately up to you which path you take.

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Don't Forget You Have An Interesting Life | Ep. #137

You have an interesting life Zen Sammich

Here are 5 key components for identifying and realizing that YOU have lived a captivating life and continue to live one. Yes, you.

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Do You Really Test Your Opinions and Beliefs? | Ep. #135

Confirmation Bias Zen Sammich

Do you have a confirmation bias?

Odds are you do. It’s not as obvious as you might think.

How can we overcome simply seeking out validation for our opinions and beliefs, and in the process get closer to REAL truth?

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Keeping Your Inner Child Alive | Ep. #133

Inner Child Zen Sammich

What is it you enjoy about being alive?


Making the case for putting curiosity and playfulness on your daily to-do list. 


Moreover, see the inner child in Others. Embrace their imperfections and forgive their goofs, just as you would a child.

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Take Nothing Personally | Ep. #131

Take Nothing Personally Zen Sammich

Criticism and name calling can hurt. It is a harsh and cruel world sometimes. Whether from strangers on the internet or people close to you, unsavory words can come from any direction.


What if we could live in a way in which we took nothing said about us personally?

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Embrace Your Goofiness | Ep. #130

Raquel Borras Zen Sammich

The more you listen to your heart and tap into your inner child, the happier a person you can be.

The affable Raquel Borras is living proof of her own advice. 

A multi-faceted, multi-podcasting rockstar and the “Queen of Goofiness” joins Zen Sammich to reveal some personal stories, her motivations, and to inspire us all.


Follow her on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/raquel-borras/

On Instagram @ raquel.borras

And check out “Raq the Boat”: https://www.youtube.com/@RaqTheBoat

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How To Live Carefree | Ep. #129

How to live carefree zen sammich

Ever wish you could live a little more carefree? Now you can. Just takes a little practice of these three steps.

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How To Deal With A**holes | Ep. #126

How to deal with assholes

We all know ’em! People who are just deliberately not nice. For whatever reason. It can be quite a challenge for those of us who strive to be kind all the time.

With some help from the Smurfs, Benny Hill, and Chuck Norris, here are 5 practical methods of how to deal with a-holes you encounter in life.

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Wander The Goalless Path | Ep. #121

Zen Slider Wander the Goalless Path

“You are already where you need to be.”


The absence of goals does not signify an absence of purpose. Rather, “wandering” invites us to immerse ourselves in the present, guided only by principles and passions.

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Reframe Reality By Chucking Expectations | Ep. #119

Mark Reid Zen Sammich

Reality does not care about your expectations. In fact, the world and the people in it will let you down if you hold onto expectations of how they or life should be.

When you become an observer instead of constantly judging the world, you suddenly discover a lot more beauty around you.

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Practice Your Inner "Hell Yeah!" | Ep. #117

Zen Sammich Slider Hell Yeah

What would the world look like if we complained less and found a way to simply say “Hell Yeah!” more often?

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Learn To Trust Yourself | Ep. #115

Zen slider

Trusting yourself is key to living a fulfilling and meaningful life. Zen Sammich discusses 3 key components of trusting yourself.

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Less Noise, More Meaning | Ep. #111

Less Noise More Meaning Zen Slider Sammich

We live in a world that is constantly vying for your attention. Practice turning down that noise and putting your focus on what has meaning and value in your life instead.

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