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One idea that forms the basis of Zen Sammich to create a space in which one can practice remaining calm in this world of ever-intensifying craziness. From “woke” and “cancel cultures” to right wing extremism, it is as if society is drawing battle lines and you must choose a side. That’s ridiculous. What happened to independent thought? Zen Sammich seeks to get that mental independence back from the ideological extremes that dominate social media and to some extent actual news media.

In short, this is meant to be a place without labels. It’s not conservative; it’s not liberal; it’s not Christian or Buddhist or atheist. It is independent of all those things. Why “Zen” then? Isn’t that a religion? No, it’s not really. To attach oneself to a particular dogma is contrary to the notion of Zen in the first place. To be Zen is simply to be. So, be who you are, whomever that may be.

It's About Continual Practice, Not Nirvana

Living a “Zen” lifestyle in the 21st century is not about meditating alone at the top of a mountain or contemplating a confusing koan like the sound of one hand clapping. It isn’t ritualized or dogmatic. It certainly isn’t a religion. It is a way of thinking and doing. A way of seeing the world, accepting it as it is, and appreciating each moment as much as is reasonably possible.

It is also a matter of simplification. Rational minimalism. In essence, it is a philosophy of just being alive. With that said, there are three essential components to life that we focus on here: 1) your mind; 2) your body; and 3) your relationships.. That’s it. Give proper attention to each of these components everyday and all the other junk around you will fade away into a non-essential oblivion.

Who Are We?

Editors and Contributors


Originally from Alabama, Mark once upon a time served as his high school class chaplain. He later went on to earn a Masters in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion from Florida State University, as well as a law degree (JD) from Syracuse University.

Mark Reid


When she is not making washi (traditional Japanese paper), Haruka is the stylistic eye of Zen Sammich.

Haruka Funase

Boss of the Editor

Haruka at work

Jenn is a classically trained, award winning pastry chef; brand inspector; academic tutor; activist; Texas delegate; artist; and mother of three. She lives in Texas and has transitioned to painting from culinary art to adapt to physical disabilities from an injury with her spine and arm. She creates zen in life through multiple forms of art and daily meditation.

Jenn Agnew

Artist in Chief

Caroline is a stand-up comedian, writer, and international woman of mystery…

Caroline Exum


Casey Ryan Ruff Boundless Body Radio

Casey is our fitness guru at ZS. He has been a certified personal trainer since 2007. He is also a nutrition and lifestyle coach. He and his wife own Boundless Body out of South Jordan, Utah. You can learn more about that at And he is the host of the incredibly popular Boundless Body Radio podcast, found wherever you listen to podcasts (Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.) or at

Casey Ruff