Do Something About It

Do Something About It | Ep. #103

Peter Cook is a blend of scientist, business consultant, political pundit, author, and musician.

We discuss everything from the Academy of Rock to the woes of Brexit. Along the way, there is some good advice on being adaptable and how to do something about the things that might exasperate you as a form of “active meditation” and catharsis.

You can find Peter’s books on Brexit – such as “Reboot Britain” and “Private Eyelines” – as well as a wealth of other commentary at (if link doesn’t work, copy and paste URL)

You can also order these books through Etsy.

Find out more about The Academy of Rock and Human Dynamics consulting at (if link doesn’t work, copy and paste URL)

His numerous other books on business innovation, leadership, and the fusion between music and business can be found on Amazon.

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