Season 2 Episodes

Zen Sammich podcast

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Zen Sammich #70 | Never. Ever. Stop.

It’s an “invitation to conversation” about consistency, marketing, entrepreneurship and the determination to succeed. An inspiring talk with Myrtha Jasmine (“MJ”), host of the rapidly successful DearSis podcast.

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Zen Sammich #69 | What Stoics Say Today

What is Stoicism? How can this philosophy help me decide that the right thing to do is in a given situation? Should I care about sports, something that is beyond my control? How do I prepare for my own inevitable death?

We discuss these questions and more with a preeminent scholar of Stoicism, Professor Massimo Pigliucci. He is credited with being “one of the driving forces in Stoicism’s resurgence in the United States in the early twenty-first century.” He currently teaches philosophy at the City College of New York.

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Zen Sammich #68 | Change Your Story

How would you like to be able to improve any moment? Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. The Zen Sammich podcast explores the narratives we and others create about ourselves, as well as how to go about gaining control of our stories and rewriting them.

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Zen Sammich #67 | The Truths We Accept Which Just Aren't True

Should we be wearing gloves instead of a mask for Covid? How would it even be possible for 100 ton dinosaurs to shag on land? Are we really dependent on the Amazon as the lungs of the world?

Renown biologist, lecturer, BBC and other media personality, and author of over 30 books, Professor Brian J. Ford, brings up intriguing questions you may not have ever considered before as he discusses “The Truths We Accept That Just Aren’t True.”

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Zen Sammich #66 | The Dude Abides

Zen Sammich is back for Season 2 after a brief December hiatus. After a recap of the first year and a sneak peek at the new season, the discussion turns to what it means to abide, to accept impermanence, and to exist.