Dr Pierre McDonnaugh on Zen Sammich podcast

It's What I Say About Me That Matters | Ep. #118

“Winning is subjective.” – Dr. Pierre McDonnaugh

That statement might seem confusing at first. You either win or you don’t, right? You’re either first across the finish line or you’re not, no?

Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. People often forget that Rocky Balboa actually lost to Apollo Creed in the original movie. But he won by far surpassing expectations, by knocking the champ down and going the distance with him.

And, sometimes, the price we pay for victory far exceeds the benefits of winning. In that way, we actually lose even if we technically win. This can be true in war, politics, sports and every other facet of life.

The truth is, we are constantly winning and failing simultaneously throughout life. Real success is found in the narrative that we tell ourselves about our efforts. Did we try? Did we work hard? Were we honest in what we did? Did our efforts feed our spirit?

Dr. Pierre McDonnaugh is the author of “Beauty for Ashes: The Virtuous Side of Failure” and shares the above insight and so much more on this episode of Zen Sammich.


You can purchase his book at https://fultonbooks.com/books/?book=beauty-for-ashes and on Amazon.

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