Zen Sammich Washi

Handmade Japanese Paper

A subsidiary of Tokuji Washi Works

We Make Japanese Paper

Everything we make is by hand and in a traditional style that has been implemented in Japan for nearly 1000 years. From growing and harvesting the trees (mitsumata and kozo) to refining the fibers to its purest form. We do every step and turn nature into paper.

Far stronger than machine made paper, traditional Japanese washi is used in everything from sliding screen doors to calligraphy and artist mediums and even used to make dolls and other artistic creations. Our paper has been showcased in museums, train stations, businesses and homes. 

Speak directly to us and let us know what we can do for you.

Email us with your inquiries at zensammich@gmail.com

Contact Us

Right now we accept payments through PayPal only. Please contact us directly to let us know what you are interested in, for a price quote, and to make shipping arrangements.

Email us at zensammich@gmail.com

Put “washi” in the subject line please.